Behind the lense...

Born in Tachikawa, Japan, to a military family, Wayne spent the first twenty years of his life in places as extreme as New Mexico deserts, Florida beaches and Alaskan tundra. From his earliest years his father, an amateur photographer as well as an Air Force pilot, piqued his curiosity in photography while hours spent thumbing through his mom’s art books as a child instilled the principals of composition, color and light. By nature an observer rather than a participant, combined with formative years marked by contrast, Wayne is well suited to the task of capturing unique perspectives. Living in so many diverse places may have some bearing on the fact that Wayne is an oxymoron personified: unpredictably predictable; unconventionally conventional; amiably antisocial; flexibly rigid and a disorganized neatnick.

His earliest influences, quite embarrassingly, are TV shows such as “The Brady Bunch”, “The Partridge Family” and “Gilligan’s Island”, which he credits for his love of big families, bland taste in music and goofy humor.

Musically gifted, he initially studied music performance in college but switched to a business degree out of pragmatism. Given his first 35mm camera during this time, he studied it’s workings and absorbed as much information from books and magazines as he could. Upon graduating he quickly abandoned his accounting career and taught himself computer programming - spending the next twenty years in a field which had the combined benefits of allowing him
to tap into his creativity while also
paying well. After 8 long years
working as a contractor on a 2-
year, state government project,
frustration led to his walking
away to repair his soul and
reconnect with his passion.

Now a full-time photographer and free-lance computer tech-guy, he’s quite happy, which makes his family happier too.